Shrubs and all that tosh.

Ian Price2
09/13/08 12:49:27PM
Now look here! The Mem Sahb and I regard this whole colonial business as a mere flash in the pan; President Shrub and all his cohorts have obviously been placed into power by corporate influences beyond the constitutional needs of the Commonwealth.Republican Mr Mcain Chips and his trusty Alaskan Pollock are being presented as a fait accompli. Such is not the case in the eyes of the Democrats of course where Brac Obi wan kenobi - or some-such - and some fellow, who dares to know the name of every railroad employee in the States, are pretending to save the known universe.Stuff and nonsense I say; I once saw a kinemaotgraph called The American President starring some sex maniac who married a gel from the Gower which made a great deal more sense than the artificial balderdash being served up as gravitas entertainment by the fourth estate.Well good luck to you chappies. Oh! By the by. The lease on America is up in 2012 whence it will of course become the property of HM Government once again. I hope you've kept the place in order whilst we've been away.Chin chinQWT.