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Calon y Haul (Heart of the Sun) Welsh Lovespoon

Calon y Haul (Heart of the Sun) Welsh Lovespoon
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I hand carved The Heart of the Sun ("Calon y Haul" in Welsh) from basswood intended as a special,  unique gift for a loved one. This item is a lovespoon carved in the Welsh tradition using only hand tools, knives almost exclusively. It is approximately 12" long by 3" wide.

The lovespoon tradition started in Wales in the UK in the mid 17th Century and has persisted up to this day. They say that when a young man who wished to impress a girl he was serious enough about to want to marry her, he would carve a spoon incorporating symbols that indicated his love and his promises for their future together. This is the legend, but if it isn't true, it should be.

The center of attention on this spoon is the heart symbolizing the couple's love within the Sun, the source of all growth. The diamonds indicate a promise of prosperity, and the raindrops are symbolic of fertility. The spoon itself, whether or not it is decorated, has always been a symbol of nourishment of the body and the soul.

A lovespoon is a perfect gift for Valentines Day, a wedding, engagement, or anniversary. This is a unique gift as there will never be another just like it. It is a gift that will instantly remind the recipient of the giver as well as the occasion on which it was given.

If you like the concept of a lovespoon but don't think this one is quite right for you, convo me, and we can work out a design specifically for your needs. 

This is my own original design and is under copyright. Please do not copy.