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A Commissioned Lovespoon Part 05

user image 2014-07-06
By: Bob Tinsley
Posted in: Lovespoons

More work on the back of the bowl. The first three photos show the right side of the bowl almost to its final shape. I say "almost" because as I "symetricize" (that's probably not a word, but it should be!) the other side of the bowl I will need to adjust the right side to match. 


The last three photos show the first half of the work on the left side. This is fiddly work, but rewarding.

So far I've spent a little more than four hours just on the back of the bowl. I always work on the back of the bowl first. That allows me to refine the shape. To my mind digging out the hollow of the bowl first just doesn't allow for the minor adjustments and refinements that make the difference between an eating or cooking spoon and a lovespoon.