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Story of a Stone Mason

user image 2011-01-19
By: Alison Hill
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I'm reading my grandfather's autobiography (unedited) and am very moved. He was a stone mason who built the house I grew up in and several others, on a small estate overlooking the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales. He worked on countless sites and buildings, bridges, and towers; building stone walls, fixing up churches, you name it. One of his jobs was on parts of Caernarfon castle during the Investiture of Prince Charles. He was a talented slate carver, and on the walls of our family homes are poems, englynion, and even a bust of Dafydd Y Garreg Wen - all beautifully carved in slate by my taid. Reading this puts things in perspective - even if money and materials are scarce, with determination, knowledge, skill and hard work you can create wonders.

Alison Hill
01/20/11 06:27:56PM @alison-hill:
Thank you for your comment Ellie. We want to edit his story for our family and future generations. I saw your photos, very interesting. The houses look similar to many found in Wales. The ones my grandfather built on our land are quite unique and are a little different! I must put some photos of Snowdonia up soon. Hwyl!
Ellie Lewis
01/20/11 05:48:48AM @ellie-lewis:
This is a lovely story Alison. Especially interesting since I spent the day in an area where Welsh slate miners settled in Northern Maryland. There's achurch with acemetery there, and the Welsh headstones arebeautifully hand carved slate. Although I can't read much Welsh, I can appreciate the labor of love these markers represent. I'm told they contain englynion and poems about the deceased....or is that the same thing?There are also amazing stone cottages built by the Welsh settlers. They mined the stone in the area and called itCardiff Conglomerate. I put some photos on my page a few weeks ago. Please take a peek and see if they resemble your grandfather's houses.
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