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The musings of a Welsh journalist in Welsh Wales

user image 2018-12-04
By: Alan Stephen Evans
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The musings of a Welsh journalist in Welsh Wales

Llanelli Onine

It was many years ago that I first met Ceri Shaw online. I would go so far as to say that both he and I gave Zuckerburg the idea for Facebook.

At the time we were dabbling with what technology was available, basically an old sospan fach, a cheeseboard, some tin foil and a transistor radio demolished for parts.

That said we managed to create two networking sites. Americymru and Deheubarth.

Years later a magazine fell off my dusty old shelf and up popped Ceri's name again. I guessed that the platform called NING had long gone but also guessed that Ceri might have found another way to bond people together like a grand mixture for Welshcakes. 

He had and Americymru was and is alive and kicking. Sad to say that my old NING site is still in a folder on a hard drive somewhere. I did however turn my attentions to writing for a newspaper before leaving having been unpaid to the sum of almost £7k. Yes they are about. 

So it was that I set about doing what I know best and creating another online platform for my hometown of Llanelli. Llanelli Online. What else? The site is a news led site but also has some great features like interviews with politicians, celebs and local characters. 

It is here then that I will direct you to find out more and it is here here that I will endeavour to share some of the best bits with you. 

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you enjoy the blog. 

Alan Stephen Evans
12/06/18 01:35:02AM @alan-stephen-evans:

Something I put together this evening as a short piece for a new project. 

Alan Stephen Evans
12/05/18 01:05:16AM @alan-stephen-evans:

A piece on hyperlocal journalism in Wales.

Ceri Shaw
12/05/18 12:29:32AM @ceri-shaw:

I miss the old cheeseboard! :)