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Paragliding on the Pembrokeshire Coast

By Nick Bamber, 2013-03-01

Here's a video of us having a funny hillbilly Welsh/American crossover dancing comp and generally larking around on Cemmaes Head near Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire - the Welsh Riviera in Febuary :-)

Hillbilly dancing and Paragliding in Pembrokeshire

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Well, despite the floods and occassional heavy rain- we've been getting some AWESOME days paragliding in here is South West Wales and Pembrokeshire. Some cracking days at Rhossili,. were my friend Cookie and I flew my ex students entire family in a day. Check oput the video- funniest sound effects of the year from Steph !! looking forward to a gradually awakening, less wet than so far, glorious Welsh Summer!! :-) Paragliding at Rhossili with both terrified and happy passengers from the Cardigan and Cardiff area's!!

And we flew with an Eagle the other day, both at Rhossil and Bryncaws. Our friend has a Steppe Eagle that is trained to fly with Paragliders. Flew through my fairly recently qualified students lines- that gave him a moment!! :-)

If you like the video please share and encourage others to do so to help publicise the beauty of the is area of Wales and help the tourist trade! thanks everyone ! :-)

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Paragliding in Pembrokeshire West Wales

By Nick Bamber, 2012-03-01

Well the winter in Pembrokeshire has been less than ideal for Paragliding, though often we get fantastic flying over winter- this year that was not to be-however things have been getting and better of late, and we've had some cracking days and it's only Febuary! looking forward to the spring thermals and cruising above the coastline dolphin spotting!!

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