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Kayaking in Wales

By Jerry Williams, 2014-03-29
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By Jerry Williams, 2009-09-12
Do we have volunteers for translation? I have been contacted to help find a translator for historical documents, etc. All the best, Jerry
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Vote for David

By Jerry Williams, 2009-04-06
Have you all been voting for David? Every day, you can vote.
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Avondale Mine Disaster Grave Sites Desecrated

By Jerry Williams, 2008-09-07
One of the most important Welsh historical sites in Northeastern PA has been desecrated. Many of the grave markers of 61 men and boys who perished in the Avondale Mine Disaster of 1869 have been spray painted, tipped, broken or have fallen into disrepair. The Scranton Times has detailed the condition of the site in a recent article. www.welshnepa.orgSeveral organizations have come together to help raise funds to repair the markers, the cost of which is projected to be $4,500 to $5,000. We have contracted to have the work done by the 150th anniversary, 2009.The National Welsh American Foundation erected a marker Oct., 1994, which stands at the entrance of the Washburn cemetery. In addition to restoring the individual graves, we want to erect a more detailed marker near the grave sites that would note the event and the names of those who perished. Any funds beyond restoration would go to this marker."The people of NEPA, through their labors with coal, iron, and steam, assured America's experiment in democracy, saved it from self-destruction, and created the dynamo that drove it to international dominance." www.welshnepa.orgThese early Northeastern Pennsylvania pioneers were primarily of Welsh origins who brought with them the skills of coal mining and iron making. As in the case of Avondale and other deadly events, the Welsh and many other immigrants lost their lives in their labors to build America."September 6, 1869, 110 men and boys left their homes that morning to go to work at the Avondale Mine near Plymouth, PA. A fire started in the shaft which was the only means of escape. All lives were lost as well as two rescuers. The youngest was 10 year old Willie Hatton, who did not work in the mine, but like most children wanted to see where his dad worked. Other father and son tragedies include the death of a father and his three sons, as well as another father and his two sons."----Linda Scott, Chairperson, Avondale Restoration Project, and a Living History Interpreter.All donations should be sent to:The Lackawanna Historical SocietyAvondale Tombstone Restoration Project232 Monroe Ave.Scranton, PA 18510The envelope and the memo on the check should state: "Avondale Tombstone Restoration Project"This is a link to a contribution info: you for your assistance with this important project.All the best,Jerry WilliamsPresidentLackawanna County Saint David's
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