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Beowulf 2013

Beowulf 2013

Saturday October 26 2013, 7:30 PM
@ Elis Porter Park Amphitheater in Jefferson City, MO, 320...
Attendees:  @Harold Powell

My daughter's theatrical troupe - Four and Twenty Blackbirds - will be presenting Beowulf 2013 at the Ellis Porter Park Amphitheater in Jefferson City, Missouri on October 26, 2013 beginning at 6:30 pm. The play was written by my daughter and has a large cast of characters (she plays the Muse, Forever and her husband plays Beowulf the Elder). It will be performed in front of 3 fire pits located at stage front backed by a giant scrim with sound and special effects. The classic tale is retold through the eyes of three muses called Yesterday, Today and Forever. It's a new twist on an old tale. 

The audience will see Beowulf as a young man and later as a wise and benevolent King as stories are told and retold in the Great Mead Hall.

Above: The Three Muses - Yesterday, Today and Forever

Above: Beowulf the Elder


Above: Grendel's Mother


Above: Hrothgar, King of Heorot

Visit their Four and Twenty Blackbirds  Facebook page for even more photographs. Photos of Beowulf the Younger have not yet been released but I've seen them and they're smashing! Also check the YouTube promo below:

Harold Powell


Harold Powell
10/24/13 04:59:11PM @harold-powell:

Young Beowulf Photo

Beowulf 2013 Poster