Grwp agored i pobol sy'n credu mewn y Tylwyth Teg. An open group for people who believe in the Fair Family. Why so few tales? Why so little written about welsh fae?

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Y Tylwyh Teg

The Fair Family of Wales also known as Bendith Y Mamau (the Mother’s Blessing), a euphemism used to avert kidnappings and other mischief. Their euphemistic name in Dyfed (Pembrokeshire) is Dynon Bach Teg, which means Little Fair Folk and their name is sometimes spelled Twlwwth Teg. They are also known as Gwarwyn a Throt (the white napped one with the trot), Jili Ffrwtan (a name for those Y Tylwyth Teg females who are proud and amorous), Sili Ffrt, Sili-go-Dust, and Trwtyn Tratyn. The Welsh name for Faeryland is Gwlad y Tylwyth Teg, and their king is Gwyn ap Nudd, the Celtic God of the Dead.

So let us have a revival of Y Tylwyth Teg, are the Cymru the only group not standing up in the World of the Fae? It is time to dig up our past, dust off the old books, dredge up what few paintings & illustrations we have and inspire a NEW WAVE OF CYMRU GWLAD Y TYLWYTH TEG.


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  • Hail Fair Folk

    currently working on a research project (Creative Writing PhD) involving Fairy Traditions;

    also, editing The Book of the Bardic Chair - so will happy to hear from anyone with anything to share about these.



  • Is anybody out there studying Orion Foxwood's book The Faery Teachings?  if so, I'd love to hear from you.  And BTW, he does mention Evans-Wentz and the faery beliefs specific to Wales.

  • YAY!  I'm already a member...didn't even have to join! 

    • LOL...yep...we added all the former members back to the group. One of the useful features of the 3.0 platform

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The Fairy-Faith In Celtic Countries

Read the text here:- The Fairy-Faith In Celtic Countries The Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries But the purely social environment under which the Fairy-Faith of Wales survives is a potent force which promises to preserve underneath the surface of Welsh national life, where the commercialism of the age has compelled it to retire in a state of temporary latency, the ancestral idealism of the ancient Brythonic race. Read the book here From the Wikipedia, Evans-Wentz :- "He was born as Walter Yeeling…

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Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis

The text can be read here:- Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis 'The Two Cat Witches' by William Elliot Griffis In old days . it was believed that the seventh son, in a family of sons, was a conjurer by nature. That is, he could work wonders like the fairies and excel the doctors in curing diseases. - Read More Here (page 15) William Elliot Griffis Author of 'Welsh Fairy Tales' From the Wikipedia: William Elliot Griffis -"William Elliot Griffis (September 17, 1843 – February…

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The Old Fae Comment Wall

Comment by Jenny Brown on August 9, 2013 at 11:10pm Thought I would contribute a picture I made (very unskillfully but it's the best I can do... I don't know how to use the Painter program really...) of a wintery fae I met several years ago by accident (if you believe in those?).  For those who might care - He is about 7 ft tall if I were to guess but I'm not much for measurement.  Anyway I come up to about his mid chest and I'm 5'5".  No wings.  Definitely not the stereotypical wee folk or…

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