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Sobin a'r Smaeliaid/Cnapan 1991

Duration: 00:03:18
Welsh Group - Sobin a'r SmaeliaidLead Singer - Bryn FonSong - Sobin a'r Smaeliaid@ - CnapanCnapan = (as in video) Music festival that was held at Ffostrasol in West WalesCnapan = Cnapan (sometimes spelt Knapan or Knappan) is a form of Medieval football which vaguely resembles some modern versions of football. The game is claimed to have originated in (and seems to have remained largely confined to) the western counties of Wales, especially Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire.

Gareth Williams3
05/09/10 07:37:24PM @gareth-williams3:
He (Bryn Fon) now sings the 'bands' songs under 'Bryn Fon a'r Band'(And records under same 'Title' and have their own recording Label ~ Labelabel at )
Howard Evans
04/13/10 04:38:06PM @howard-evans:
I enjoy this group. Welsh in modern music is a positive sign.