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    What Is Three Word?

    The game is easy to play. I guess the idea is to create some kind of narrative...however bizarre. When submitting your three words please try and think of something that will lead the "plot" in an interesting direction. Here is an example of a "complete" three word story from our Three Word Repository Page:- Geraint Spied Natasha Everyone is welcome to join in but please avoid obscenities or anything too indelicate as the game will be moderated and we will delete anything of an overtly offensive nature.

    The Rules

    • Your entry must consist of, you guessed it....3 words!!
    • You must attempt to ensure that your entry in some way extends the meaning of the phrase or sentence that has gone before. If you are starting a new sentence please try and preserve the narrative flow no matter how bizarrely and tangentially.
    • You must wait until at least two other members have posted before you post again.

    How To Create A New Story

    • Click the + symbol (top right) in the Three Word Story forum (see image below).
    • Add text or text and graphic to get the ball rolling. Please ensure that you have permission to use any uploaded images.
    • Invite your friends to play.

    Completed stories should be about 600 words long. At around the 500 word mark a moderator will add the words 'Thus it ended!" to remind people that the 'storyline' needs to be wrapped up shortly. Completed stories will be locked and moved to the Repository Forum where they will stand forever more as a testament to....something Happy


    From the Wikipedia:-

    "Three word story is a game in which a story is built by multiple people, who use three words each turn. It is a common favorite of forum gamers, since it is easy to explain and play in a linear, structured fashion. An example game goes as follows:

    * A fat man...* ... walked into a...* ... car and it...* ... was very painful...* ... but he jumped...* ... back up and...* ... dug a really...* ... small cave that...* ... had two red...* ... cats coming out...* ... from some smoke...* ... though a blue...* >

    The segmented nature of the story makes it easy to create seemingly-random plot twists that are only tangentially related to the last three words."

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