Wild Taste by Peter Lautz

Ceri Shaw
02/17/19 02:43:22AM
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A s
himmering stillness emerges 

within day’s fretting and toil and task.

Suddenly, juicy marrow penetrates breath

and bones of our lives as everything glistens 

and sings.

Body and world bathing in calm, a buoyant

space of allowing without judgement or speech

where pepper trees, ravens, rosebushes, stones,

people strolling with dogs, memories of grandmother

in her blue woolen coat, even fragments of boyhood’s

escapades arise, a cascading of fabric woven from light 

into a single carpet of shine where there’s no separation

nor need for thought to dissect this mystery of wholeness

risen from root that dances in fields sprawling and spacious

beyond yours, beyond mine.

Nor extraneous words, well-intentioned but paltry,

this attempt to describe and to trace an everywhere 

and nowhere of place in lines such as these --

faintly imperfect reflections birthed from one

freely given all encompassing moment --

       this wild taste from Life’s heart
a gift ever-present, in plain sight well hidden,

being touched by such luminous foundational grace.

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