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Welsh Music At The 28th Folk Alliance International

By AmeriCymru, 2016-02-09

WHEN: February 17-21, 2016 WHERE: Kansas City, MO, USA

Plu - Folk Alliance International

Saturday February 20 2016, 10:00 AM
@ Pershing South Ballroom, Kansas City, MO

The Gentle Good - Folk Alliance International

Saturday February 20 2016, 7:15 PM
@ Roanoke Ballroom, Kansas City, MO

Lleuwen Steffan - Folk Alliance International

Saturday February 20 2016, 7:45 PM
@ Pershing East/West Ballroom, Kansas City, MO

Calan - Folk Alliance International

Saturday February 20 2016, 7:15 PM
@ Century C Ballroom, Kansas City, MO

About Folk Alliance International

AmeriCymru spoke to Aengus Finnan, Executive Director of Folk Alliance International.

AmeriCymru: How would you describe the Folk Alliance International event.? What is its mission statement?

Aengus: Folk Alliance is the world’s largest gathering of the folk, roots, world and traditional music community, bringing together artists, managers, agents, media, and presenters for 5 days of networking, professional development, and showcases.

Our year-round mission as a 501c3 is:

"...to nurture, engage and empower the international folk music community — traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional — through education, advocacy and performance."

AmeriCymru: What kind of audience figure does the event attract?

Aengus: About 2500 delegates attend from over 20 countries.

AmeriCymru: Do you think Wales has something unique to offer to a folk audience?

Aengus: Wales absolutely has something incredibly unique to offer in that there is a distinct musical tradition that has a very contemporary scene that is quite successfully preserving, promoting, and presenting a language and culture that is surrounded by others that could easily eclipse them, and yet music specifically has a power to curb the tide.

AmeriCymru: Are plans already in motion for next year's event?

Aengus:  2017 is well underway (in fact we’re negotiating our 2019 contract in Canada already). The theme for 2017 is Forbidden Folk, exploring the more political, socially conscious, and labor oriented role of folk music over the years.

AmeriCymru:  Any final message for the readers and members of AmeriCymru?

Aengus: Folk music is alive and well, booming more than ever in fact, and we hope to welcome more artists, presenters, and fans of Welsh (and other) folk music at our future annual events.

Folk Alliance International website

( In previous years the Folk Aliance International event has featured Welsh folk artists including, amongst others Chris Jones and Martyn Joseph )

Welsh singer songwriter Lleuwan Steffan

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