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Fireside Tales - Daniel Owen

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All proceeds from this sale go to support the AmeriCymru Prize For The Novella . The winner will be announced at the Hay on Wye Book Festival in 2017. For more details please go here: AmeriCymru Prize For The Novella

Mischievious boys fool a factory worker into believing his head is expanding. A lonely shepherd experiences a frightening premonition. A young man finds himself in trouble when he is mistaken for a wanted criminal, and tragic consequences ensue when two young suitors pursue the same pretty girl.

Populated by a cast of beautiful women, over-zealous preachers, gullible simpletons and the occasional ghost, Daniel Owen's Fireside Tales appear here in English for the first time. This new collection of nineteen short stories and character portraits was published in Welsh as Straeon y Pentan in 1895. This new volume showcases the trademark quick wit and good-natured satire for which the author's novels are admired.

Often based on popular urban legends of the period, Fireside Tales is full of fascinating, often funny depictions of nineteenth century life in Wales. This book was intended to be read by the fireside on long Victorian evenings; it is sure to bring a welcome warmth to our modern lives.


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