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Cows, Cobs & Corner Shops - The Story of London's Welsh Dairies by Megan Hayes (translated by Lyn Ebenezer)

Cows, Cobs & Corner Shops - The Story of London's Welsh Dairies by Megan Hayes (translated by Lyn Ebenezer)
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cowscobsandcornershops.jpgCows, Cobs, & Corner Shops is the extraordinary story of intrepid Welsh dairymen and women seeking a better life in London. Following on from the drovers, who walked their animals over the hills to the English capital, many people from rural Wales ventured there between 1850 and 1950. They established dairy and retail businesses, enriched the cultural and religious life of the metropolis, and had to endure the horrors of the Second World War.

Megan hayes is the daughter of a family who left Cardiganshire in 1928 to join the London milk trade. She later studied for chemistry degrees at UCW Aberystwyth, before commencing a career in research and teaching. She now lives in Aberaeron.

Shipping and Handling: $3.99

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