The Rewards Tab - Americymru Has added Punchtab - Collect Points and Claim Your Prize by Visiting, Commenting and Sharing

OK so you'll have to visit more than once but the PunchTab program is designed to reward 'loyalty' :) You may have noticed the new 'Rewards tab' on the right hand side of the page. If you are on Facebook click on the tab and like the app to start collecting points for your loyalty reward.

Points can be earned by logging into Facebook and performing the following actions:

1. Visiting PunchTab-enabled sites every day.

2. Clicking on Facebook Like buttons on PunchTab-enabled sites every day.

3. Leaving comments on PunchTab-enabled sites every day.

Sometimes a site-owner will create custom actions for you to perform; keep an eye for these valuable earning opportunities.

When you 'like' the app your rewards catalog will contain the following rewards.

1/ A $15 amazon gift card for 10000 points.
2/ A $5 iTunes gift card for 5000 points.
3/ A $3 Starbucks gift card for 3000 points.

When you earn enough points to redeem one of the above prizes PunchTab and its partners will take care of reward fulfillment.

This is what the catalog looks like:



Please remember to use the rewards tab on the right hand side of the page OR the 'Like' button with the red ribbon next to it ( at the bottom of blog pages, photo pages etc ) and NOT the FB 'Like' button in the right hand column ( top ) to accumulate your points.






As far as we know this program will be expanded in the near future to include rewards for Twitter and Google+1 users.



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    The Leaderboard appears to be awarding 100 points for Google+1's now as well....which means that persons with Gmail or other Google accounts can participate in the rewards program as well. Please remember you can 'Like' or '+1' any number of urls on the site but only one per day will count toward your points total.

  • I should add that we are pretty much trialling this and that it doesnt result in any additional income for the site. We have some expectations, however, that it will increase traffic and participation.


    With that in mind please feel free to leave feedback and/or questions about how this works or how it's working/not working, for you, in this thread.





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