Welsh Mythology Art show book now on Amazon!

If you were at the WCE and you missed it or you just want photos of the work that was there, including Jen Delyth's amazing and gorgeous egg tempera piece, Lorin Morgan-Richards' book is now out on Amazon -

A Welsh Alphabet 

Over 30 artistic interpretations of Welsh mythology and legend set to the poetic work of author Lorin Morgan-Richards. Includes a special preface and notes throughout the book by Welsh storyteller Peter Anthony Freeman and artist contributions by Jen Delyth, Monica Richards, Casey Ruic, Frankie Babylon, John Charles, Gina Turcios (rabbit), Phresha Le Vandale, David Richardson, Adrien Burke, Spinestealer, Nicole Josephian, Kelly McCartin, Gaabriel Becket, Nicolas Caesar, Rick Dienzo Blanco, Meiling Chen, Nichola Hope, Chris Mann, Andrea Gutierrez, Calan Ree, Kimberly Wlassak, Sarah Hope, Jo Mazelis, Rochelle Shelly Rosenkild, Michele Witchipoo, Lorin Morgan-Richards, Xavier Lopez Jr., Rhys Jones, Liam O'Connor, Jeremy Cross, and Jason Shepherd.



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  • I like the picture of the dog....now who was that one by ( scratches head )

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Eyes are blue,
Eyes are green,
Eyes are true,
Eyes are mean.

Eyes are bright
Give the light
Eyes are black
Like the night

Eyes are cold
Eyes are warm
Eyes are…


Accidental meetings ...

Accidental meetings,
accidental greetings, 
accidental walks, 
accidental talks, 
accidental questions, 
accidental answers.. 
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My Elixir

I will make an elixir now.
Will you ask me how?
It’s such a simple science!
A bottle of reliance,
Another one with love and peace,
One more of trust love to increase.
I’ll mix it all…


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