Ray Thomas marries in Wales!

Who is Ray Thomas, you ask? Have we no Moody Blues fans out there? I believe you might remember that he was one of the original members, and was the flutist. I believe he is of Welsh descent. He also wrote and sang, one of his more memorable tunes being about Timothy Leary, (another Celt!). Anyway he was married today in Wales, and for you Ray Thomas and/or Moody Blues fans, here is a nifty site to check out, which includes the announcement. http://moodybluesattitude.yuku.com/topic/2533
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Published on Jan 3, 2009
2008 - Rhagfyr. Brigyn ar Nodyn (ar S4C).
December 2008. Brigyn on Nodyn - taken/Borrowed from S4C for a short term posting to share with a friend - or maybe a few friends!

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  • drat... the 2nd link works, but the 1st one will req you to search for MoodyJill first... sorry about that
  • Thanks for the comments, people. My wife has been a MB freak forever and has been lately on a video-making rampage, interpreting their music. Here is one which is about Tim Leary (not the one most are familiar with:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tKomL6zpVk and here is one that I am fond of
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq-aa9WYtK0 although she has done a number of good ones, which can be found on YouTube
  • Brian,
    I was just talking today to someone who asked me if Timothy Leary was dead or alive. I noted that the Moody Blues song was quite popular while he was alive, but has sunken into obscurity now that he's dead.

    The Moody Blues is the one favorite of mine that I just never got a chance to see. Yes, ELP, Zappa, Elvis Costello, Santana, Bob Dylan, but no Moody Blues. >sob<...

    Since you mentioned wee Dr. Tim, Firesign Theatre did a skit about him (probably more than one, actually). Do you remember it? ;)
    --Mark Powell
  • Just across the border:- Ray Thomas (born on 29 December 1941, in Stourport-on-Severn, England) ..still.... being born that close he's bound to have some welsh blood in him. Besides it was all WalesLand at one time. That area was once part of the Kingdom of Powys I believe.
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