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Hi everyone,This is the first blog I have EVER done. Couldn't think of a better site to do it on. I love the ethos of this site and feel very connected to people even though we are miles apart. I am a singer/songwriter and I write songs about Wales in the English language purely because I want people from other countries to 'get' the stories, after all we all know about Loch Lomond and Athenry and Tipperary because we've sung about them.Anyway, last Saturday I went to walk around the streets of Cardiff before that famous game between us and the Irish and I was blown away, the atmosphere was fantastic! I was there because I was being filmed walking through the crowds while singing my new song 'For Justice and For Country- The Fields Of Pencelli' which is just a rebel song really for anyone who has a fight on his hands about anything. I wrote it to be a stirring call to people to come together to fight the enemy. Sounds a bit strange I know that a girl should sing about this sort of stuff, but for many years I have sung Irish rebel songs and ah well...Bodiceahad a go didn't she...not that I'm Bodicea-like, oh no...I can't even catch the mice in my house, but I tell you what I feel, I hate injustice of any kind and there is too much of it in all walks of life these politically correct days.In the video (see John Wake's page) you will see me with my arms open wide just coming down the ramp of the Millennium Stadium, and let me tell you I felt like a right nana! The director said "walk towards me and look enigmatic", so I summoned all my courage and did it...being a singer you are always asked to do crazy things. But what you can't see is the red wheelie bin I walked into at the end of the shot as a guy was pushing it then I was a nana! It was so funny I cried with laughter. But as you can see everyone was shining and smiling that wonderful day and I feel very privileged to be there.CheersLorraine
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  • Lorraine,

    Great song! Great video! And I love your coat!

    I was in Cardiff this past week, and heard all about the Wales v. Ireland game from my friends - several of whom actually snagged tix to the game itself! They said the streets of Cardiff were a sea of red and green, all intermingled in Celtic cameraderie. Many pints and bags of chips were shared, and even the Welsh were happy for the Irish when they won (though they would have liked to have won the game themselves!). Not something you get very often in US sports!
  • Lorraine,
    Nice blog. Fun video - makes me homesick :O)
    Say Hi to Peter and the gang. I hope to be on tour in Wales later this year - we need to go get a pint and put our feet up for a good old catch up!
    Congrats on the song and video.
  • Yes Tam, its great when people come together and enjoy each others company. I always think its best for people to go to films, theatre, concerts together and experience it as a whole instead of sitting in front of a lonely tv screen. Its really funny when people say the oggi oggi bit with ja ja following, and I always make them know that we are a Welsh band.
  • Hey thanks guys, ummm I'll see if I can get an outtake, that could be really funny! There was plenty of Oggi Oggi Oggi that day I can assure you. A few years back I sang for Max Boyce doing the front end of his show, you know a few country songs from Country Roads to Gulf Coast Highway by Nanci Griffith, and I used to watch Max from the wings and the way that he had everyone beaming was fantastic. I knew then that I wanted to entertain people and I'm so happy to have had the chance to learn from him.
    As I mentioned, I also sing in an ABBA tribute band to earn my bread and butter and its a pretty successful outfit as we've been together for 8 years and get booked out in advance so thats great.
    A little while ago, we used to ask the audience "are there any Swedish people in tonight?" and maybe one or two would shout. We would then say " we want to teach you all to be vikings tonight so after three you shout JA JA JA, okay so 1,2,3..." then everyone would should "JA", then I would say, "because we come from a little village just outside Sweden called Wales...we should exchange cultural ideas, so if I say 'Oggi Oggi shout..." and they would all shout Oi Oi Oi and I would say "NO, you say Ja Ja Ja!" so now in our show its Oggi Oggi Oggi, Ja Ja Ja! - now we are all cross fertilized as nations" Yes we are that crazy!
  • Heres a direct link to the video:-
  • Great song...great we get to see the bloopers with the wheelie bin
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