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2015 Online Poetry Competion - Latest Entries

Guns dance

Scared cats

Mad dogs and nasty people

This mixed soup taste like an old bread

Date and time, they are not the same

Dirty walls in a day dream city

I don’t see humans walking on streets…


Purest sin

Nude lips and black shoes,

You never had it, the feeling

I’m your devoted dog,

Put your bad thought in that cave.

Keep me in this cold bed,

I warm it for you and another man.

He is just the other…


Morning coffee

With your eyes open,

You took your last doze of happiness.

Gray matte side of our combined soul

My aura is eating your karma,

A bad one full of opportunities to kill my hopes.

I loved you when I was sixteen…


2015 Online Short Story Competition - Latest Entries

When We Dream

We remember the sounds of our first day, our first hour. They began as rustlings and grew to whispers then to rumblings, louder and louder until we couldn’t shake them from our ears, our brains, our veins, tissues, or bones.




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