We are immensely proud and pleased to announce that author Lloyd Jones will judge the entries in the Left Coast Eisteddfod Short Story competition. First prize in this competition wiil be $100 (65GBP approx ). Second and third place prizes to be announced soon. The final submission date for entries is July 31st 2009. To submit your entry please go to this page and read the rules carefully before entering:- Left Coast Eisteddfod Short Story Competition Submission Group. The competition is open to non-Americymru members but the submission procedure is slightly different.

Lloyd will need no introduction to most of our readers but just in case here are a few links:-

Interview With Lloyd Jones on Americymru

Review of "My First Colouring Book" on Americymru

Mr Vogel

Mr Cassini

Lloyd Jones on Wikipedia

My First Colouring Book - Lloyd Jones

My First



Mr Vogel - Lloyd Jones

Mr. Vogel

Mr Cassini - Lloyd Jones

Mr Cassini
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2015 Online Poetry Competion - Latest Entries

The Proper Gander


I am not the goose, he said,

calmly, eloquently, diligently.

I don't produce gold or eggs.

I protect and love.

And defend.



Tomorrow’s Martyr


And he travels to a future time

to kidnap the offspring of his oppressor,

and make his way back to his modern day

just to be seen flicking a blade against fresh…


Freedom asks the Blind Man

Do you miss being able to see? The world?

Being able to maneuver without asking others?

Being able to appreciate beautiful things? The things you love?

Aren’t you tired of only seeing nothingness?…


If I Said God was a Woman


If I said God was a woman,

my mother would go mad.

Would she feel needed if I were never born,

and said I was made by Dad?


If I said God was a…


2015 Online Short Story Competition - Latest Entries

When We Dream

We remember the sounds of our first day, our first hour. They began as rustlings and grew to whispers then to rumblings, louder and louder until we couldn’t shake them from our ears, our brains, our veins, tissues, or bones.




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