Choir of the World – The Pavarotti Trophy

Simply the most prestigious choir competition in the world.....last night the winning choirs from the five major choral competitions of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod sang in the Grand Final with The Westminster Chorus, California, USA being crowned winners and the Choir of the World. The Barbershop Choir were awarded the famous Pavarotti Trophy, named for the great Italian tenor who competed on the Eisteddfod stage in 1955 when his choir from Modena won the Men's Choir competition. In 2005 Luciano Pavarotti added his name to the Choir of the World competition.

The Westminster Chorus - California - USA- Choir of the world winner - Barbershop Choir Winners

The Westminster Chorus - California - USA- Choir of the world winner - Barbershop Choir Winners

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