Cardiff, Illinois

Cardiff, Illinois
Cardiff is a ghost town in Livingston County, Illinois, United States. Founded as a coal mining town in 1899, it boomed in its first few years. Rapid growth ceased after accidents in the mines in 1903, and the closure of the mines in 1912 soon led to the community's demise. An official state historical marker has been created on the site of the town, paver bricks that can be engraved with names of the donors are still available for purchase for $75 and are installed pretty quickly into the memorial patio at the marker site.
For further info visit:

State Memorial Marker for Cardiff, Illinois.

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  • Careful..there is loud music on this one, so make sure your volume is low.
  • Check out the section on the Slateville Cemetery. This area is about an hour up the road from where I live.
  • Great site....diolch for posting Ellie Just added it to our new American Welsh custom search engine.
  • That was fast Is that all of them?
  • Cardiff CO
    Cardiff ID
    Cardiff Mill ID
    Cardiff PA --been there==slate quarry workers from Wales--still have some workers cottaages and Welsh Church (Rehobeth)
    Cardiff AR
    Cardiff TN
    Cardiff NY
    Cardiff MD
    Cardiff DE
    Cardiff AL
    Cardiff TX
    Cardiff-by-the-Sea CA ==been there
    Cardiff NJ
  • Just checked the 'Wiki':- "It is reported by the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce that it was Frank Cullen's wife, a native of Cardiff, Wales, who persuaded him to name the community, "Cardiff." "
  • Thanks for posting Dave...I never knew there was a Cardiff in Illinois. I know theres a Cardiff by the Sea in California. Dont know how it got the name though. Anyone know of any other Cardiff's in the US? How many Cardiff's are out there and why?
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