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  • Very inspired, to answer the questions and also turn them back onto your audience! I've answered them on my writing blog, here.
  • There is not enough room here to answer you questions.... too bad. It is like a debate with a politician..... one sided. Relatives say the homeland has had some rough weather (S. Wales, Tonrefail)

    Would like to answer you sometime.

    Dale (Trefor)
  • The Hobbit caused me to seek out adventure as has Trout from the Hills, by Ian Niall which describes the authors obsession with the trout of welsh mountain lakes and streams. When re-reading this book I can't help but yearn for bad weather and exertion.
  • Now i see where I get by weird sense of humor..from my Welsh ancestors!! Marilyn Martin Mort
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2015 Online Poetry Competion - Latest Entries

Bryn Gwyn


The House on White Hill

Oh Abraham, from where did you come?

Well his roots began from a local son.

From Nancy…


Gweithio Mewn Swyddfa

Ymhlith y sgrinau sy'n tynnu sylw

y celwyddau sy'n chwedlau

sy'n gelwyddau

yn gwastraffu degawdau

bywydau pobl sy ddim

mynd i oroesi'r dyfodol

paid meddwl amdanaf fel clerc




Credwch yn eich etifeddiaeth

credwch eich etifeddiaeth


yn yr hen ddyddiau cyn i Mam

rhoi genedigaeth…


2015 Online Short Story Competition - Latest Entries

The Davy Lamp by Philip Stephen Rowlands

“I bought this for you Nan!”

Lily exploded into the room shattering the brittle silence into a myriad shards. Molly put down the book, removed her spectacles and studied her granddaughter. The…


A Bit ON Tom Jones by Philip Evans

The crowd began to hush each other, as the announcer took the microphone. Compere Black Eyed Pete stood waiting for the hall to be completely silent, before he would introduce the Special Guests that he had lined up for the special Charity…


A Knight at the Museum - by Philip Evans

“Good night and good luck!” said the Curator Derek Dunny as he locked the huge wooden front door of the Cyfarthfa Castle Museum.

The only Grade 1 Listed Structure in the whole of the Merthyr Tydfil Borough was imposing looking at the…


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