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10 Ways to Thank the Lord You're Welsh this St. David's Day

1) Contact your local radio stations by late February and ask them to play Welsh music and relay "Happy St. David's Day" messages to the Welsh in your area on March 1st.  There is plenty of music by Welsh artists that are readily available on most radio stations play lists.  If it is a rock/pop station ask for Duffy, The Joy Formidable. Marina and the Diamonds, Jem, The Stereophonics or Tom Jones, if it is a classical station, you might try asking for Bryn Terfel, Charlotte Church, Paul Potts or Katherine Jenkins.

2) Hang a Welsh flag outside your house or put a Welsh flag bumper sticker on your car.

3) Attend a St. David's day event sponsored by your local Welsh society. If you are already a regular at your local society’s annual event, invite friends who have never been before. A list of events taking place around the US & Canada can be found on AmeriCymru

4) If there are no St. David’s Day events in your area, contact a local pub or restaurant and ask if they can feature a St. David’s day special menu, recipes for Cawl, Glamorgan Sausages, Bara Brith, Welsh cakes etc can be found easily online and Welsh products such as Colliers Cheese, Halen Mon Sea SaltTy Nant Mineral Water and Penderyn whiskey are available in the USA as are Welsh-American products such as wines by Cambria and AmByth vineyards in California, Welsh style cider from the Thomas Family winery in Madison, Indiana, Welsh Cakes from the Infamous Welsh Cookie Company in New York, and even the well-known American whiskeys Evan Williams & Jack Daniels have their roots in Wales.

5) Post  'Happy Saint David's Day/ Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus' messages on Facebook, Twitter etc. and change your profile picture to the Welsh flag for the day.
6) Wear a daffodil, leek, Welsh Rugby shirt or something red on March 1st. 

7) If you have children in school, contact their teachers to see if they would be interested in doing a St. David’s day theme in the days running up to March 1st.  Some great St. David’s Day projects for small hands can be found at the Crayola & Activity Village websites. 

8) Contact your local library to ask if they can feature a display of Welsh books, CD’s and DVD’s. 

9) Join the Welsh-American social network AmeriCymru! (  or buy a subscription to North American's Welsh newspaper Ninnau (

10) Forward this message on to as many people as possible!

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  • Well, I have had a Welsh flag on my car for many years and the Vancouver Welsh Society has had a long tradition celebrating Dewi Sant - this year both on March 1st and also at the Dinner on March 3rd, both in our Cambrian Hall. Last year's festivities are recorded in our April Newsletter on our website

    For what it's worth, I was the first in North America to purchase Gwenno Dafydd's "Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi" on line from Y Lolfa two years ago. This time I plan to fly a St. David's flag!

  • Diolch for posting Dave I will attempt to do all ten things on the above checklist and urge all AC members to do the same. Might I add that we have a selection of St David's Day Cards here:-

    thus making it easy to flood the world's inboxes with St David's-Day greets this year

This reply was deleted.

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