Tomorrow's headlines

There's some snow coming tonight. What do you reckon tomorrow's headlines will be? "Traffic chaos caused by Arctic blast", "Britain grinds to a halt as freak weather hits"? The way we deal with the 'annual shock' could be a valuable source of amusement to those who live in the colder parts of the world!
I wonder if there'll be panic buying at the supermarkets? Get down there NOW before all the milk and bread goes!
Disclaimer: I hereby disown myself from any any panic buying, or bread crisis.

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  • Enjoy the Strictly Final!  This Black Mountain Brandy is wonderful and from Ynys Mon!  Hopes Santa brings the Danzy Jones!  Here is the link to the Celtic Spirit Co.


  • Thunder, lightning and hail storm here tonight. Warm and cosy by the fire with plenty of Celtic Spirit!! 

    • Great idea! Vin rouge and Strictly Final over here shortly- no, don't tell me the result, we're watching it on Sky +. Sleeting again here- must get out and buy a forest of logs before everybody else!
  • Daily Post:  "SNOW and ice caused traffic chaos on the A55 stranding thousands of motorists – some for up to five hours."

    I was wrong; no mention of shock!

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