Hi,We all have our favorite local pub for watching the rugby, whats yours?Ours is Fado's on 100 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, the breakfast isnt pretty, but it is the best fry up I have encountered stateside! Black pudding, fried bread, fried tomatoes, Colmans mustard, HP sauce the works.So whether you favorite bar is Fado's in Atlanta or the Welsh Dragon in Wellington lets us know.HwylDave

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  • Spread Eagle in Carmarthen!
  • Mmmm, that looks tasty!  Here in Portland I think there's only Kell's - which is like Irishpubland(TM) - or the Thirsty Lion, generic brit sport pub but more comfortable seating than Kell's in my opinion and Kell's is always too packed.
  • Old Arcade, Cardiff :)
  • Here in Buenos Aires I have a very good bodegón called "El bodegón del flaco" in which you can taste very good bifes de lomo. Hwyl
  • well its a moot point aint boyo the rugby club in greatna louisanna is the home away from home , besides being a bar and restruant theres a pitch out the back the walls are lined with cardiff and wales jerseys and theres max boyce book behind the bar for referance and its only two miles from down town , plus the fact the mayor of gretna drinks there will help with the police stops when they pour you out of there , not a chi town disco bar more like a workmans club
    • Seriously? That's about half a mile from where I used to live!
    • The Globe & Gingers are no Chi Town disco bars, Though Fado's is a bit in that direction. On the other hand it's downtown, you can get to it on the train and it is choca with red shirts during the rugby, there's not many of those stateside;)
  • Hi,

    If you are in the Chicago area, I have just got word that the Globe Pub is NOT showing the 6 Nations this year.

    Therefore we will be switching back to Fado's Pub on 100 West Grand Avenue for the games this year.

    The Scotland v Wales game kicks off at 9am (Central) this Sunday.

    St. David's Day Plans

    There has been a slight change of plans for St. David's Day too, the Tafia's pub night/party is now being held on Sunday March 1st from 6pm onwards at the Elephant & Castle pub on 185 N. Wabash Avenue, Chicago. There is a $5 suggested donation on the door to cover room rental etc.

    The Wrigley Building is being lit up in red, white & green for the night, it would be good to get a few pics of our local Welsh crowd at the building on the night before heading up to the ABC 7 Studio's at 10pm.



    Six Nations Schedule

    All times quoted are in Central Standard Time

    Sunday, February
    Scotland v Wales - 9:00am

    Saturday, February 14
    Wales v England - 11.30am

    Friday, February 27
    France v Wales - 2:00pm

    Saturday, March 14
    Italy v Wales - 10:00am

    Saturday, March 21
    Wales v Ireland - 12.30pm
  • God Albuquerque is SO lacking in venues!
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