Hi my name is Steve Blackstone and i'm appealing for a similar style band to mine "The Steve Blackstone Band" to try and organize an exchange between Wales and America! we have ideas on the details check us out at http://www.steveblackstone.com http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackstoneBand?feature=guide you can contact us through our website or email steveblackstone@ymail.com thanks diolch!


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  • Ok in a nutshell :-

    Band from America books to come to wales for a week ish, our band would supply a place to stay, food, paying gigs, instruments and equipment. We would promote the visit and gigs and sell merchandise.

    Then we would exchange.


  • Hi I'll post the details later we're off up snowdon today thanks, steve


  • Hi Matthew nice to hear from you we are pleased you like our music, please check out our videos on our website www.steveblackstone.com 


  • Great idea Steve Diolch for posting....will circulate.

    • thank you Ceri diolch yn fawr iawn!

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