• well done Bronn although I have been away from Wales more than half a century I still speak Welsh fluently although naturally the language has moved on with time I have'nt so in a sense you never stop learning.Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


  • I'm using Say Something in Welsh, too.  Very satisfied with the results so far.  Once you start learning, with whatever program(s), I'd suggest listening to programming like BBC's Radio Cymru (available on-line), the various Welsh videos at YouTube, and finding Welsh-language songs you'd like to sing along with.  Get used to the way the language sounds.  I haven't checked in a while, but I vaguely recall some teaching vids for Welsh over at YouTube, too.

    Just looked at the Rosetta Stone site.  Welsh is no longer on their list, even at the UK site.

  • This topic has come up before on the site and I think the general concensus was that whilst Rosetta was ok you'd get more 'bang for your buck' from the various online resources, some of which Peter has listed below. Whatever you decide, best of luck with your resolution

  • Here are the three resources I'm using, all free and very useful. I'm not a big fan of Rosetta Stone, I found it too limited for the money. The BBC online lessons are a good start and the two podcasts can be downloaded onto your computer or mp3 player to use whenever you have have time.

  • Yes...that is what I am asking. I haven't met anyone that has done Rosetta Stone in any language but I certainly have heard the ads. 

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