Family History - what next?

Joanna Masters
03/01/11 03:17:50PM
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Happy St David's Day and what better day to spend some time digging back into your Welsh ancestry. But do you find everyones eyes glazing over when you try and share your findings? The question you need to ask yourself is what youre going to do with it. Yes you can print off tomes of genealogical reports, fill in an impressive wall chart and valuable though they are, does anyone else get excited about names & dates? Weve got some ideas. Our two best sellers are tours, where you get to walk the talk - literally following in your ancestors footsteps. Another alternative is a book of the familys history. We can bring your research to life with strong narrative writing skills, a wealth of Welsh social history expertise and access to stunning photographic sources. And we can even fill in gaps in the research for you if you want. So this St David's Day promise yourself you'll bring your family back to life and visit us at . The Welsh family history specialist.

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